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My High School Football Team


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My high school football team won state in '89. The team comprised of sophomores, juniors and seniors. From 1962-1985 they sucked.

My point? How idiotic does it sound to keep expecting the same results from different people? Whenever I hear people talk about this years' Falcons and comparing them with Falcons from years before, all i think to myself is "this is an idiot".

Guess what? New OC, new DC, new players, new schedule, different players on other teams, different attitudes, different year.

Stop trying to put this team in the bed with it's ghosts. These guys are DIFFERENT!

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Yea , It can get annoying. The Matt Ryan has never beat Tony Romo argument is facepalm. They played one time in 09'. I've heard people talking like they play multiple times a year and Ryan always gets owned by Romo's Cowboys. In my opinion it makes people sound stupid. Like you said , new coachs and better players playing better is the biggest change. BVG and Nolan are about as far apart as you can get in coaching style and talent. Koetter and MM have opposite philosophies. Ryan in his SECOND time against the Cowgirls is playing lights out and not even close to the same player. Its at our house this time. The only aspect of the game to go down and actually be in their favor is Turner getting old and losing a step. They will figure it out the hard way I guess.

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