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Spoon Is Out So What?


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We will out score Dallas with our top notch offense, yeah it would be nice for spoon to play but we need him for the long run. With that being said I know Mike Peterson will give up a few plays BUT he's a playmaker, he will get a pick or a force fumble. We win 28-24. 8-0!

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other than NY, what great WR tandem have they really played? No one really, maybe Baltimore but, they lost to them and I think we are a better team than the Ravens this year.

Point taken, however any WR can take a pass to the house if not covered as well as Carr, Claiborne, and Jenkins can. I am just making a point that we need to get the ground game going and control the clock.

Dallas' pass defense is ranked 4th in the league. Not too shabby.

Surely Koetter will have some screens ready to go as well as some quick slants. TG will play a BIG role in this game (just like almost every other game).

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Dallas will not be double teaming our wide receivers this game. If we really have the best receiving core in the country, we should still be able to exploit these match ups to an extent.

Not only that, but I have a feeling you will see us going down the middle a lot early on. Rodgers, Snelling, and Gonzalez are match up problems for the middle of their defense. They leave big cushions open down there.

Spoon is a bad loss for us this game, though.

If we lose this game it will be because

A. Witten gets a lot of catches and big gains on our line backing corps and safetys


B. Some unknown running back on their team runs for multiple big gains on us because we aren't respecting their running game with Murray and Jones beat up. This unfortunately would not surprise me at all.

Both of those combined will open up Austin down field.

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