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Falcons Underdogs Again. Elliot Harrison Says We Lose 29-24


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I know, I know,

Atlanta Falcons

fans -- I'm gonna get ripped for this pick. But for those of you who aren't emotionally tied to this game, think about the Sunday nighter from this angle: How do the


match up against the

Dallas Cowboys

? Atlanta's strength is its quarterback and wide receivers. Dallas' strength has been shutting down opposing wide receivers. The


don't have the ground attack they once did, and Dallas has a healthy (and quite active) Pro Bowl nose tackle in

Jay Ratliff


DeMarco Murray

should also be back in the lineup, which doesn't bode well for a porous run defense in Atlanta that yields more than five yards per crack. The


' best prognosis is for

Tony Romo

to throw three picks. That can't happen every week -- just like

Mike Smith

's team can't go 16-0. Feel free to yell at me


. Be nice.


I see he expects to be hit by Falcons fans huh. guess these writers are actually well paid trolls lol

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I'm amazed by how many people thought the Eagles would be difficult and the Cowboys will be easy. Wake up call part one complete. Wake up call part two INCOMING!

You have to watch football this season and just stop with the "recent history." The Cowboys can go hot or cold. If they go hot, we will have a problem with no Spoon.

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If Dallas goes to passing every down like Jason Garrett normally calls for, Romo will throw a bunch of interceptions.

We need to have a game plan similar to last week against Philly. It's not necessarily about yards in the Run game but more about attempts and making them think about the Run game. Matt Ryan is at his best when the other team has to play the run and pass.

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Guest Negatorris

He's just mad his prediction didn't pan out last week when we destroyed the Iggles.

He'll do the same next week if we do in fact beat the cowpukes.

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