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The Abc's And 123's


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Be vewy vewt quiet.

Nolan unveiled the big 3 package and no doubt that Dallas

is scrambling to scheme around this formation.

Whlie my topic is lame, ALL of you need to know this and

know it now.

The Cowboys are watching film and their scouts like everybody else

in the information age can simply tye B_i_g_ three into

google and find information. Hence forth my topic tittle.

Now granted that we may not employ much of the formation

this weekend, I also wanted to our it onto

some of you who challanged me a few weeks ago regarding

the QB Spy on RG3.

Spy beingthe key word here as Nolan used Biermann as the

Spy on Vick. How many of you would have guessed that?

C'mon, be honest.

Upon further review, we know the Biermann is not the greatest

DE in the league and in the traditional role of a 4-3 DE he is very

average at best.

So what have Nolan and Smitty been up to?

We are now witnessing the invention of the 4-3 Tweener

that is best suited for the 3-4.

We all look at Abrahams fierce stats of Sacks and TFL's

butBiermann is playing a totally different role and while he

is not getting the Glam Stats, he has become a destructive force.

Your thoughts on this?

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