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Alex Rodriguez


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I have seen a ton of posts on Twitter over the past couple of weeks that the Braves should trade for A-Rod. My question is why? Sure the Yankees are going to have to end up paying all but a very little part of A-Rod's contract just to move him. But why would anyone want him. There are a ton of red flags with him.

For all the greatness of Chipper the most frustrating thing about him was whether or not he was going to be in the lineup on any given night. Well A-Rod is the same way at this point in his career. He's not played in at least 150 games since 2007. His games played the last 5 seasons?

2008 - 138

2009 - 124

2010 - 137

2011 - 99

2012 - 122

If I had just posted those numbers without telling you who they belonged to you would have guess they were Chipper's. That's just the tip of the iceberg of all the negatives surrounding him. His production has steadily declined and his strikeout rate has steadily increased. That's a terrible combination. He's hit just 16 and 18 homeruns the last 2 seasons and that's playing his home games in one of the most hitter friendly stadiums in baseball. Chipper's homerun total the last 2 seasons were 18 and 14.

In 463 at-bats this season A-Rod racked up 116 strikeouts. In 2011 in 373 at-bats he racked up 80 strikeouts. A-Rod hasn't posted an average over .300 since 2008. His average the last 4 seasons are

2009 - .286

2010 - .270

2011 - .276

2012 - .272

Despite being on a Yankees team that routinely is among baseball's best in runs scored A-Rod hasn't topped more than 100 runs scored since 2008. He hasn't even come close the last 4 seasons.

2009 - 78

2010 - 74

2011 - 67

2012 - 74

His doubles are down too. He hasn't topped more than 30 doubles since 2008.

2009 - 17

2010 - 29

2011 - 21

2012 - 17

But the most important negative with A-Rod goes back to his contract. Why would the Braves want to strap themselves down with an A-Rod that turns 38 on July 27th next year and will be under contract through the 2017 season? It's just not worth it.

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Thanks for posting the numbers on A-Rod. And i dont want him, unless he's ultra cheap. Im convinced the Braves need to study what st. louis and san fran have been doing the last few years. They only really have a couple of superstars, with just a ton of solid role players.

I agree. That's why I would totally be fine with getting Angel Pagan for CF. Dude has proven he can hit in the playoffs as well as in the regular season and posted better numbers during the season than Bourn and there's not much if any drop off defensively.

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