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Stephen Jackson Or Dwayne Bowe For A 3Rd Round Pick-Bargain?


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SI's Peter King said tonight that he was suspecting that either Stephen Jackson or Dwayne Bowe would likely be traded and that the price would be at least a 3rd round pick?

Does that seem a bargain price? Could the Falcons really used a 3rd running back or 3rd dominant wide receiver?

I really do not see us springing for either but fear that Green Bay could use both and suddenly have a dominant 2nd half going into the playoffs.

I just wonder if Carolina will start a fire sale now or wait until after the year and might give up Steve Smith or DeAngelo Williams.

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Jackson would be a massive upgrade over Turner.

We need a RB that has vision and a burst of speed.

Turner has neither, nor has Turner dropped weight to

improve his seed in his aging years.

The real question that most of you have obviously missed

is that a Trade now for a better RB, is what we will need

to blast our way throgh the playoffs and Capture the Lombardi.

Even if the player only has one good year left in the tank, it will be worth it.

But that is my opinion.

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