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Bears Beat Panthers By One Point


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I feel bad for the Panthers fans. Their team is always on step away from being a threat, but they can never finish games. They make boneheaded mistakes that result in losses because of lack of discipline. Their whole team is not discipline, which causes a huge problem for all of them. They have to learn to be able to finish out drives and Newton has to get more experience and develop a clutch gene before they can start making big moves. Very few Panthers fans have annoyed me, in fact, most NFC South fans keep it pretty classy with the exception of a lot of this board and the Saints fans. I saw all the Panthers fans down at r/nfl and I just felt bad for them. All I saw was "**** it, I'm done with this season" or "I don't think I'll be renewing my season tickets". It wasn't bandwagonry or fair weatherness, it just seemed like lost hope.

Just kidding, **** the panthers, 7-0 BABEH!!!!

But seriously.

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Charles Johnson was in beast modus again. I am sad, that he did not want to come to Atlanta. Ray Edwars is playing hard, but he is not nearly as good as Johnson. With Charles Johnson this D would be Number one D in the leauge.

I'd rather not pay a guy who shows up every 3 games that much money..

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