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So...are We Legit Yet?

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Well, the Bears should fall off slightly since they had a last second win against Carolina. According to the media, we were not a very good team because we had to beat Carolina with a last second FG.

If Giants win in Dallas, they will be the team better than us this week. Heck, even if they lose, they will still be the better team...... :-/

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The Falcons played well, but the Eagles have a new DC...

The weather was a huge factor and the Eagles couldn't get going..

The Falcons have Ryan who grew up in Philly so he was prepared, and this didn't play to Philly's strengths

The new DC didn't have enough time to prepare for the Falcons

Reid was distracted by the possibility of Vick turning it over

The Eagles were just 3-3 when the Falcons played them, and won't be legit till they beat the reincarnated 85 bears...

Vick was very emotional playing his old team

yada Yada yada

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Don't hate them, Congratulate them as the fox announcer said. Bears needed a pick 6 and last min FG to win against Panthers but they will be praised as best team in NFC by Media. I say , who care. Just WIn baby!

The Bears win close games like good teams are suppose to. The Falcons do it, they aren't for real lol

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