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Mikey Mularkey

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GOD AWFUL, I am so thankful that MM is no longer here. He made us so bad, Addition by subtraction. Not crazy about Koetter, nor were any of you....which proves how terrible MM really was. Koetter not much better but look at this team. Koetter is slightly better and nolan is amazing. Our offense is slightly better, and our defense is for real,

Just thankful for change, I feel we could have done better on our offensive choice, Not complaining. Just saying that MM was god awful, koetter is manageable with potential. The real success is owed to NOLAN

God bless Atlanta 7-0 going in to sunday night at home vs dallas. heal up spoon, lets goooooo

Rot in **** vick and reid

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I am only sad, that he did not win today. I really hate the Packers with mr belt. Gabbert played better than mr belt today, but it should not be.

A very questionable PI for the Packers sailed the win. From the day the packers came in and beat the Falcon so badly in the divisional playoffs, I want to have a revenge.

I want that Rodgers is on the back and the falcons will win this game. I hope this chance for revenge will come for the Falcons.....

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