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The Official Falcons Vs Eagles Game Thread...


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I did not see the thread started so I thought I would start it.....because.

I am psyched for this game... I really would like to see Matty once and for all crawl out from under the shadow of the MVick sideshow... and the Team drive the Eagles out of their own stadium.


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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

I'm going to use chat. people making to many threads/post end up lagging this place bad.

I'm not sure why people do it on a post when the chat button is just up there and is easier.

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"Falcons can't run the ball"

"Falcons can't stop the run"

I'm tired of hearing that. The reason our team doesn't put up "Rushing" yards is because we use the screen instead.

Will the wind effect our screen game today? They also say that TonyG will have a big day vs the Wide9 since he will get a free release. Hope the wind doesn't suck.

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