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Why We Need To Win Today!


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The Falcons (6-0) need to punch the Eagles (3-3) in the mouth today not just to keep our record strong heading towards the post-season, but for the life long dedicated fans who year after year after year have to put up with the negativity of our history. (I'm just shy of 52 and have been from the start!)

Not just our recent play-off record but the franchise's cumulative history.

The media continues it's love fest with teams like the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants etc... not because of what they're necessarily doing this year, but because of their history.

Screw Andy Reid's bye record... Screw Mike Vick.... Screw their run game and D-Backs... Screw the media!

The Falcons owe this week (and next week) to the fans who live and die by our team... We're the ones who have to listen to the office and bar insults, put up with the "friends" who pull for other teams, and listen to BS on national tv and XM radio.

History needs to change to today!

Rant off...

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