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Giovani Bernard

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The more I look up this kid the more I like. He seems like the most well rounded RB that could potentially declare for the 2013 draft. Good awareness, fights for yards, does well in pass protection, good elusiveness and breakaway speed, an excellent passing threat. He seems a bit raw, which isn't that surprising considering that he's a redshirt Sophomore, but considering the wear and tear on many of the other RBs in this class I don't mind that very much.

I just want to know what everyone else's opinion on him is.

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I would love to take him in the 2nd but i think its no way he makes it to our 2nd round pick.... May not make it to our 1st round pick.

My guess is that Lattimore will fall to the bottom half of the 1st round and Bernard will be taken near the very bottom of the 1st since teams seem to have a habit of trading up for RBs near the end of the 1st round in recent years. Also, I'm going to go ahead and guess the Bernard is going to declare since UNC players don't seem to stick around any longer than they need to and Bernard can also take advantage of a fairly weak RB draft class to strengthen his stock.

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