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Game Plan For Sunday

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There is NO question in my mind that this will be our toughest test so far this season, BY FAR. We are playing in a hostile environment, on a crappy field, in bad weather. The Eagles are desperate. Their Coach is fighting for his job, they just fired a DC, their QB can't protect the football and their fans are ready to turn on them in a second. We will get their absolute best effort, especially in the first quarter.

So really the game plan should be as follows:

1) START FAST. If we get a couple turnovers and the lead, the crowd will turn on them and it will become OUR homefield.

2) On defense, cover your bases on the run, but throw some confusing looks at Vick. Watch for the deep ball EARLY. (They want to start quick too). And go for the strip EVERY time with Vick.

3) On offense. Use some trickery. Use counters, traps, and screens to combat their defensive speed and pass rush. Try to get the 4th receiver or the full back or the RB involved in the passing game a little. They will be doubling Roddy and Julio like everyone does. GO AWAY from their strengths.

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I like your game plan,I would also like the Falcons to exercise some patience if things don't start off well. I think we tend to abandon our game plan a little too easy. I don't think we panic, but just don't stick with the run game a little longer. It opens so many other avenues that i think we do ourselves a disservice becoming one dimensional, but overall i'm with you

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Guest Negatorris

I honestly believe we could end Michael Vick's career as a starter in PHI. We can make him look THAT BAD. And it would be truly fitting, your former team basically causing you to lose your job to a rookie backup. The universe would be balanced.

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