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A Telling Conversation With #1 Pick


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Maybe I get banned for this, maybe #1 Pick threatens to meet me at the gym with his Aaron Rodgers or sCam Jersey on, or maybe even his Alex Smith jersey since he's an admitted 49ers fan. Whatever the result, it should be known why #1 Pick is here.

This is his end of a conversation we had via PM. For some reason, he felt the need to tell me all this, and it certainly explains a lot about his actions on this board. I suggest ignoring the obvious troll going forward.

Let him pull this ish on all the other boards he visits, instead of this one where we all love our Falcons, He's just here doing what he does for shyts and giggles, and a supposed "experiment".......LMAO.


Sent 13 September 2012 - 07:47 AM

That thread was too wild. I got to ask you, why is Matt Ryan such a critical topic on here. I am like this for so many players in sports. Joe Johnson, Brian McCann, Ryan Zimmerman, but I only get extreme backlash for Ryan. Nothing I am saying is really wrong. Most people in my area of DC agree with me to a DEGREE but this is going way too far. I am say things that I shouldn't say "wife" and stuff but come on, people take it way too far attacking me and what not. I guess it's partly my fault but still...


Sent 13 September 2012 - 10:11 AM

I know what the board is. Just never been to a place that was so hamstrung on someone who is not that good as Ryan. Never. You would think he's Brady. This isn't something that came from no where. This is lingering. I was just a Ryan fan but I started to see the crazy attack the team and everyone who wasn't Ryan. Then I started to truly evalued him and I am not talking about his wife who we really just clown for kicks but really analyzed him. Which I haven't done since he was a college SR.

At first I was more positive but said the truth. Then I created this thread. I was still seen as a good poster by majority of the board not that I care about a rep but I wasn't truly open with what I was seeing previously:


This is when I became public enemy #1. Probably before it was a group like paulitik, pzumo, and dae but now most of the posters. I wasn't trolling or nothing. I didn't start trolling till after the playoff lost. I always used absolutes. Will continue so in things I feel are without a question true. Once we lost, I became a hostile poster. The most hostile on this board. I attack like a viper and wasn't even touched once. I became the leader of the realist crew which wasn't even a crew. It was three different groups who Ryan homers said were trolls or whatever. It was swift and his crew(Trig, Billy, and the shop). My crew was the real fans, Atl/0, falconinPA, KoG, Phil. We were less aggressive and not as forceful. KoG and falconinPA left when I combine the groups by no real choice. Last group was Mr Right and dtan who are mainly Vick fans who can't stand Ryan. Never will to be honest.

We combined and I became a tyrant. An a-hole and truthfully, and dictator. Our goal is to take over the forum and move the homers to h*ll. The homers were the ops. You know who you are. I would say Kevy that you are opp. You are a terrorist. You attack us and try to prevent us from our goal which wasn't a goal early on. The agenda wasn't Ryan, it was his homers. Something about his homers we didn't like. They weren't Falcons fans. That's why I never liked them even when I liked Ryan. I realized it because they aren't Falcons fans. They are Michael Vick haters who just want Ryan to be a much better player than Vick for reasons that are more personal than I care to answer.

Anyway, I should have been banned when I attacked Gritz. I attacked anyone, the fact that I didn't get banned led me to power. It's was funny, this happen to me several times in real life as well. We take over but the board wasn't that fun anymore. I didn't even like it and I personally wanted to leave before I was banned to begin with.

Now, I am back. I have a new purpose, just to talk about the Falcons. But when you guys make threads to call me out for my opinions. Don't get mad you get a week like this where I raise h*ll for three days and dominate the discussion. It took 6 of you guys to end the thread. And it was a hit, you can tell as well. I am almost sure those guys were all friends.

To be honest, it isn't troll but it is being an a-hole. I know it and you do to. I know what I am doing. And I take way more than I can dish but I hate b**ches. paulitik is number 1. I take blame for control the vibe on the board. When I change that, I know what I am doing. Why do you think personal attacks were coming left and right? That was me controlling the thread and board vibe rate. I do this real life. Just an experiment. I have a scientific background. If you read the thread, the frustrating lingered till their was a full blown attack v. me and I wanted to look innocent at first I started it to begin with. paulitik is known for the b*tch tactics. The drive-by not saying your name type, the undermining ones, he basically has an advanced method of insulting posters. The problem is muska, swift, atl/0, and myself are all highly educated. paulitik isn't that smart and he is scared by nature, I hate that b*tch.

You don't know this but paulitik and falcondae actually run this board from a frequency standpoint. They are more smart than a lot of guys here. I picked that up when he came at me from the side. You wouldn't know they unless you thought about it.

muska joined me when I made my thread a year ago. At first he was down with me till I became a tyrant. Then he took a bigger role when I was banned via a snitch, not by choice but forced since paulitik attacks and that's what happen. Most of us at first like Ryan a lot. Saw flaws and was heavily attacked for it which lead to what you have now. It's not fun but it's entertaining at a boring job.

It's cool, I know you didn't mean or understand some of that. I still wonder why you keep mentioning my name with Tandy. I never really talk to Tandy in an attacking way and I most def wasn't in an Aaron Rodgers gay thread. Believe me, if I see paulitik, he will have to talk on his mess he does on here and believe me, I am not jealous of Ryan nor his wife. I was out of bounds and will probably be out of bounds next week as well.

Most people here don't care about Ryan or the Falcons. The ones who do are diehard Football fans. They don't really think much of him. Usually less then me. I get more flak because I am ranting about it a lot. These guys are either homers or bandwagon fans.

I give you credit, you are correct on a couple of things.


Here’s how I view #1 pick….a guy who loves football and sports, and loves arguing. You like to get people riled up, and the Matt Ryan nutsacks are an easy group to get riled up.

The criticism really is the same stuff recycled over and over and over again. I know it. So do you. Is it fair, h**l yeah, is it necessary should be the question. Like I said, we aren't haters, we are realist but the nature of this board turns you into a hater. Especially in a lost. That's the worse.

I don't listen to rap much anymore. I am far more of a R&B fan. Tupac is my favorite rapper though.


Sent 13 September 2012 - 11:51 AM

It's life. There is always going to be someone with an agenda. That person can either keep it to themselves or take a stand. It's the stand that says the most. That's why the world looks the way it does right now and why it will look different tomorrow. Don't let no one fool you, we all want success. Some people just want it a lot more than others. I didn't want to play basketball if I couldn't the greatest so I left my college team. Everyone has a different ambition and different talents. It's the path and some a lot of about a man and his determination. This is a sport vid, but listen to the words.

<Ray Lewis motivational video>

Just don't take sides. Do your best to avoid the bs and yes sometimes that me in the middle of it. The problem is this is some peoples lives. They really care for these players. Not just Matt but Roddy, Turner, Gonzo, etc. So watch how you speak. I don't anymore but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

You can be a homer, don't let me make you feel being a homer is bad, that's why you are posting to begin with but don't be foolish. If you know this statement bring the wolves, don't say it unless you are willing to deal with the consequences.

It's not right but it's basically an experiment on the online psychology of sports fans. It's pretty twisted how you can control people. I really think we can change the world if we can change our behavior. This isn't much difference. What I learn is it's easier in real life but online you build more of a profile of the person than even in real life. Your influence online can be greater to be honest. I am still working on a lot of small things. What I like about this board is the posters tend to be educated. Smart... no but educated, yes. I like that, make the demographically polling easier as well. The one thing about this board is I practice repetition. I practice face recognition. My favorite is Chad Pennington who I really don't think is like Matt Ryan. Ryan is more so like Troy Aikman or Matt Hasslebeck but I like using Pennington being his name is bad when you think of successful QB. Hasslebeck has a neutral name and Aikman has a positive name. He doesn't spark a reaction or the one I want to test.

Matty Pennington is the person that gave me the comparison by his name alone.

I ran with it. Basically is reprogramming the mind. I want you to see cheese you think of this:


I want when you think of Matt Ryan, you think of.. you got it, Chad Pennington.

It's basically brainwashing but online.

I had a lot of tactics.

The best tactics outside of me I seen was paulitik's tactics. He is a snake and not really a diehard Falcon fan. He goes for players or v. players more than the Falcons. He conned real fans into thinking he's a Falcon fan. He does support the Falcons but his main thing is to push Ryan as this elite QB who just hasn't won it yet because (fill the blank excuse). He is the mastermind. Diesel tries his tactics but people see Diesel act a mile away. He wants to turn ABF to a GOP sub when it is normally a Demo sub. He been successful in spam but not in support. He is secretly agenda driven. pencil is agenda driven.I love this guy but Julian is clearly agenda driven. Now swift is a diehard but swift is just f**king nuts sometimes. I take the blame. When I change the frequency, he suffers at times. I had to stop posting in those threads for that reason. But that is my man, extremely smart, wiz kid brain. Like 3.8 GPA at GT and college baseball player. He knows his stuff. He doesn't have an agenda but winning a SB but in the process can be well.... yeah. Trig is a lawyer. Super smart and sinister as heck. He's the one who started the personal attacking of Ryan's wife, me and swift ran with it since we seen the kick it gets from you guys. Trig might act like he's 12 but he's the man in the court room. All of the click is highly educated and professional. I am a professional, that's why I can post here all the time.

Read paulitik's post, all of them have of ulterior motive. dae his understudy but dae is too emotional and soft, he's like Greeny and he collects Vick stats for talking points. I kid you not. I would smoke him and he was copy and paste it and use it again. dae really is relentless. Most of the other homers are just that. They are just are regular posters like you. Some of these guys are friends in real life though.


Sent 13 September 2012 - 01:19 PM

That's not a good thing to say. Threats or blackmail aren't very cool in Pm's.

paulitik knows how I feel about him. You should see the PM's. Wayyy worst than the stuff you see on the board. He knows I hate his guts. Nothing you can tell paulitik that he hasn't seen far worst from me. I was being nice in reference to him in here. He wants to me dead. He said it in a PM. It's not nice with me and him. lol, he does have a big freakin head.

If you are a bad person, you will evil, if you aren't. You will use it for your own good.

I would prefer you keep this between us simply because that generally the code we have here. Me, gritz, KoG, and other have a system. You break that, it's not a good thing for you at all. You should PM kog to say hi, great person.

Kev, you been here for a while. I want to welcome you into the group. Not the Ryan one of course, that's message board stuff. But the other one. You think you can hang?

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Lol at grown men trying to take over a message board, hahahahahahaha. Saying he's brainwashing people. Idk if he know this or not, but this is just a hobbie. A group of men going out of their way to try and stir up the Internet. We've now seen it all

I'm TELLIN YA! Organized trolling.

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I don't care what anyone says . I'm no troll

- Facts are I was one of select few that wanted to draft Ryan . The all mighty atljbo said noooooo Falcons should never draft Ryan . I bust his balls about it

- Yes I'm hard on Matt Ryan .. ask anyone here that been here long I was 10x harder on Vick

I have no agenda . I see the game maybe different then most . Most here loved Vick when I saw a guy with poor accuracy and a guy that lacks work ethic in film room . Was called all sorts of names since I criticized Vick

- Matt Ryan is our leader . He has been a huge part of problem why Falcons have not had playoff success . That's all he needs to step up just like other Falcons but if your company is failing in crunch time and not putting out . Should I spend most of the day blaming a janitor like Thomas Decoud or should I go after a CEO / Leader like Ryan

- Falcon fan til I die . Haven't missed a game in 25 + years

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Swift, Atl/0....y'all please tell me this a joke.

I have no clue what pick is talking bout . I don't troll . Yeah its funny how some homers and pro Ryan fans get in defense of a QB that has played awful in 3 playoff games I genuinely feel Ryan will never lead us to promise land .

Falcons fan here . Team before player

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You actually believe this is funny.

I am in IT, not a scientist. I knew you would be foolish enough to believe this.

There is really 25% truth in what was said in all the PM's period. This rest was made-up. Congrats, I said if you said anything you would regret it. I been waiting for you to post them, surprised it took you so long.

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Man this "kid" can't be older than a slow 15 years old. He thinks he is some kind of message board maffia and everyone is teamed up against him? Wow, dirty bathroom boy needs help. In school we called theses kids the immature loser wanna be. Id hate to see this guy in real life, probably could wind up being a delusional killer or something.

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You actually believe this is funny.

I am in IT, not a scientist. I knew you would be foolish enough to believe this.

There is really 25% truth in what was said in all the PM's period. This rest was made-up. Congrats, I said if you said anything you would regret it. I been waiting for you to post them, surprised it took you so long.

Oh noes!!! sad.png

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You actually believe this is funny.

I am in IT, not a scientist. I knew you would be foolish enough to believe this.

There is really 25% truth in what was said in all the PM's period. This rest was made-up. Congrats, I said if you said anything you would regret it. I been waiting for you to post them, surprised it took you so long.

How old are you ?? I pray that you are under 18 with this kind of immaturity.

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Had no idea I was part of a group- wish someone would tell me these things.

And I control the frequency of the board? really?awh shucks, you should see me blushing now.

Hate to tell him, but when I hear Matty Pennington, I think of the poster, not Ryan.

I feel my power growing as I write, bwahahhahahaha.

I think I'll save a copy of the OP before it gets deleted.




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