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Opponents Records So Far


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Guest Negatorris

Go look at the Packers opponents' record from last year.

The Saints and Colts from 2009.

The Patriots from 2007.

All those wins tip the scale to make it seem like their schedules were easy, when really they were just beating everyone on it. Shefter is a ******.

If we were 0-6, we would probably have one of the hardest schedules in the league according to the record of our combined opponents, right?

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Might as well get used to the weak schedule argument. Falcons have the easiest schedule remaining based on opponents won loss record:


Carolina 1-5

Saints 2-4

Bucs 2-4

Eagles 3-3

Cowboys 3-3

Arizona 4-3 lost 3 in a row

Lions 2-4

Giants may be the only team with a winning record the Falcons face the rest of the year.

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I love it when people and experts sh!t on teams for playing these bad teams. "Falcons should've lost to Panthers, Redskins and Raiders!.. Frauds!" Panthers is a divisional game. Divisional games are tough. Redskins and Raiders are fighting to keep their season alive. rolleyes.gif

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