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Logo For Small Business


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Hey guys,

I was wondering to see if anyone could help with the rendering of a logo for a small business I'm helping out? I attached an image that I made to give an idea of what we're wanting the logo to look like. However, the attached image was made after cutting/cropping two, random images from Google. Therefore, it's not a very "pretty" logo since it's rough and not the color scheme we're shooting for. At the same time, you can essentially copy the overall design of the sample logo we have attached. We just need a better rendering of it, as well as a better color scheme.

So here is the attached logo (please click on the image to enlarge and refer to the logo on top with the dog in front & the globe behind it):


We want a color scheme that uses crimson, gray, and white. We also need a better rendering of the logo since it is rough in its appearance.

We're ultimately looking to use this logo on the mobile site, t-shirts, and somewhere on the regular website as well.

If interested, please PM me and/or respond in this thread. I would prefer PM, however.



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How does the color scheme fit into the two images, like which parts would be which color? Also do you have images already in mind or just a dog and globe together?

The images I posted are what I had in mind for the logo. It just needs to be cleaner (it might need to be simplified, too). The images I posted were cut outs from Google that I meshed together.

I'm thinking the oceans can remain white, the continents crimson, and the dog a grayish (think Alabama Crimson Tide colors). I'd also like to see a version where the continents are gray and the dog is crimson, but I'll probably prefer the former to the latter. Still interested to see both, however.

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The image will not enlarge.


I am in the industry and for T Shirts, Business Cards and Etc

For each and every color used there will be a set up charge and

printing charge, unless it is all digital.

Less is More, Looks Better, and presents itself to the world.

Yeah, I know. A dog with a globe behind it is not overly complicated, though. I did note in my previous post that it might need to be slightly simplified (less facial features/details on the dog, for example...meaning a tad more cartoonish in appearance).

Additionally, I'm keeping it to two colors (crimson and gray). I don't think what I'm requesting is overly complex for a logo...

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