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My Perspective On The Team...short And Sweet


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Offensively, our line is horrible.

We have a very good qb.

We have solid rb's

Our wr's are average

Defensively, somehow our d line is mediocre, if not bad

Inside lb's are good, but not exceptional

Cb's are average

Safeties suck

Again, how can we consistently not put together a decent o-line and how did our defense forget how to play? This is as frustrating as it gets. I could understand if we didn't have the talent, but that's not the case. Are we not good at evaluating o-line prospects?

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I think Im gonna have to disagree with some of your perspectives here.

OL is talented and young. Its hard to jell together with less than a year working together and constant shuffling of personnel. But the only issue I have is Gates is an OG playing OT. We really need a true OT on the left side.

QB- i agree

WR's- they are way above average! Probably the deepest and best corp in the conference. Murray doesnt put up those numbers just by himself someone has to catch the ball and make the yards. Yes there have been a few drops, but every team has drops...see TN with all their talent at wr and lack of production at wr.

DL- our NG are getting pushed back too much. and on quite a few occasions getting pushed around by just the center. when that happens the whole run game goes to crap.

LB- JJ has been far from 100%, the MLB are having to fight with OL and cant make the play cause the DL is getting pushed into them.

CB- ALLOT of new faces in there, but there is talent there for sure. Im beginning to think Swann will become something special next year, he is as physical as I have seen in a CB. But the new faces are still learning. (remember practice cant equal the experience of playing).

safeties- SW when healthy has been a good run stopper and had to give more help to the FS when rambo want there cause norman blew a few coverages. and rambo...i dont know what to think really.

All in all our D just isnt playing with any concept of teamwork. And if we dont hold the line our run D will never stop anyone.

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Swann is the lone bright spot out of the db's.

I'm just tired of hearing that our o-line is young and talented. It seems that's our excuse every year. Why don't other teams struggle with young and talented o-lines?

As for the wr's, now that we are without MIchael Bennett, we have TK and MM, both who have been productive. Other than that, we have Marlon, who one game looks like the 5* we recruited and other times you don't even notice him.

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