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Philadelphia Eagles Are Overrated - Espn Insider


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Are we starting to get this Power Rankings auditing thing down? Last week the Baltimore Ravens seemed on a mission (minus Terrell Suggs) to prove our proclamation that they were overrated correct, mirroring the Cincinnati Bengals, who have taken the article as a blueprint as opposed to a challenge.

So which team is next to land itself the dreaded "overrated" tag? And who will look to follow in the footsteps of the rising Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos, thus establishing themselves as contenders?

Let's audit ESPN's Week 8 NFL Power Rankings.

Overrated -- Philadelphia Eagles

There is no question that Philadelphia is a talented team. But just as the Eagles are capable of beating pretty much any team, I believe they are also capable of losing to almost any team.

The problems start up front. The Eagles are getting the usual excellent play from Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis, but the line is hurting due to the losses of Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. Peters was our top-ranked left tackle in the league last year while Kelce had taken a big step forward in his second season. Their replacements have struggled with Dallas Reynolds pushed around in the run game, and Demetress Bell giving up a sack, hit or hurry on 12.5 percent of pass blocks (Peters was at 3.7 percent).

Then you have Michael Vick himself. A walking turnover machine this year, his eight picks have reminded many of his time in Atlanta, and his nine fumbles have been instrumental in taking points off the board for Philadelphia. It's a large part of why, in our grading system, Vick has the fifth-lowest grade of all quarterbacks. But the offense isn't the only problem. Much has been made of the firing of Juan Castillo, but up front the Eagles just aren't getting the same pressure they did a year ago. You wouldn't say Trent Cole, Jason Babin or Cullen Jenkins are playing badly as much as you'd say that they're no longer looking like the elite pass-rushing line we saw in 2011.

Sacks being down are always a concern, but with constant pressure they will come. An inability to simply disrupt the QB, never mind sack him, suggests it's not a problem that is going to turn around quickly. At 3-3 the Eagles are still in the hunt, but they've been far from convincing in amassing that record. Andy Reid needs to work bye-week magic and then some to get this team back on track.

Extra points

• The New York Jets put in a heck of a performance against the New England Patriots, while the Indianapolis Colts battled for a win over the Cleveland Browns. Yet that was enough to make everyone forget the shellacking New York put on Indianapolis? That's three weeks of progress on the field from the Jets now.

• I'm not saying the Chicago Bears aren't for real. But they don't have a win over a team with a winning record yet. Until they get one, No. 5 seems a little high in the rankings.

• Drew Brees quietly has 757 yards with 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions since the Saints came off the bye. Are they on their way to turning the season around?


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Thanks for posting this article. I wish I could take some solace from it, but with this year's NFL resembling an imitation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on a roller coaster you don't know what you will run into on any given Sunday. Add to that our steady regression in performance over the last 3 games, and I am sure none of us is brimming over with confidence.

But even with Reid's record after a bye and us playing them at home, this is still a game I think we will win IF we have addressed some of our very glaring weaknesses during our bye.

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