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Help Me Understand This


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The Eagles fire their DC and promote a new DC from within the same organization that hired the former DC and since they got a new DC they will turn things around in 2 weeks and make Vick not turn the ball over and beat the undefeated Falcons? When we got a new DC people said its going to take time to implement a new defensive scheme yet the Eagles can do it in 2 weeks and from a DC that was under the old DC? Please some one explain the logic of this.

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Actually yes.

The word is that the players like this guy better before the firing.

It could ne similar to Mike Nolan and the Falcons.

Nolan did not re invent our Defense, he is just putting them into

a position to let them win.

BVG really sucked bad, I am supprised that Smitty kept him for

as long as he did, but maybe Smitty was just waiting on Nolan

to become available.

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The Juan Castillo firing reeked of desperation. The Eagles defense has played fine. Maybe not as good as they are capable of, but fine.

Andy Reid needed to make an example of someone, and Castillo was it, even though Vick probably deserved it more.

Reid didn't want to be counting on a rookie QB to save his job.

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I would assume they would be keeping just about everything the same, just with a different guy calling plays. Isnt that the only way to do it in the middle of the season and actually have a shot at staying competitive? Just my opinion on it.

I dunno. You think the firing would be disruptive. However, Tech just did the same thing (fired DC on a bye week) and their D looked a LOT better this past week. Could have been because they were playing BC though.

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