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After 6 Weeks - Where Do We Stand In The League - Passing/rushing


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Here are a few categories in passing and then rushing - and where we stand in the league in those categories:


  • 1st in passing completions
  • 2nd in % first downs per attempt
  • 2nd in passing touchdowns
  • 3rd in % first downs when passing on 3rd down
  • 3rd in %completions when inside the opponents 20
  • 3rd in QB rating on the road
  • 4th in QB rating
  • 5th in yards passing
  • 5th in passer completion %
  • 5th in % touchdowns per attempt
  • 7th in %completions when inside the opponents 10
  • 7th in QB rating during the last half of the game
  • 8th in big play passes (>25 yards)
  • 8th in QB rating during the 1st half of the game



  • 1st in fumbles lost (least fumbles - this is a great standing)
  • 3rd in yards per carry on carries 11-20 (Proof Turner gets better as the game wears on)
  • 6th in fewest runs stuffed
  • 9th in fewest stuffs per carry
  • 13th in rushing tds
  • 20th in rushing yards on 1st & 10
  • 21st in carries
  • 21st in rushing yards
  • 23rd in big play rushes (>10 yard)
  • 24th in % first downs when rushing on 3rd down
  • 25th in rushing first downs
  • 26th in first downs per carry
  • 26th in % touchdown runs from inside the 3
  • 26th in % rushing plays
  • 27th in yards per carry
  • 31st in Yards per carry on carries 1-10

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