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Beef With My Falcons...


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In 2006, we acquired John Abraham from the Jets using the 29th pick overall(that they drafted Mangold with...)

He was supposed to be teamed up with Pat Kerney, Rod Coleman, and Gravy Jackson.

That line would have been epic had it been healthy together...but we know how that worked out.

In 2007, we drafted Anderson to be the heir apparent to Kerney.

He was AWFUL as a rookie, and we used Davis quite a bit as well without much help.

2008, Anderson still starts...still awful. Davis plays a lot, but isnt a natural pass rusher for some reason.

2009, Anderson still starts...still awful. Davis plays a lot, but isnt a natural pass rusher as usual.

2010, Kroy Biermann starts the most, and is obviously a better pass rusher than Anderson and Davis combined...but wears down in the starting role.

2011, Ray Edwards, big free agent brought in expected to finally shore up the opposite side for John....was basically the second coming of Anderson.

2012, Ray Edwards has maybe even REGRESSED in pass rushing this season, despite having no excuse for a knee injury or a flat offseason from boxing too much.

It just blows that we have used only 4 draft picks in 7 seasons trying to find a suitable replacement, and only 2 of those 4 picks have been REAL efforts at a pass rusher(Anderson and Sid are the 2, and the other 2 picks I dont consider real effort at a pass rusher are Massa and Matthews).

The dude was in the prime of his career and received little to no help during that time, and now its practically too late barring some miracle next season.

We have started 8 different DE's opposite John during his time here, and all except Kerney were useless as starting DE's[Kerney, Babs, Davis, Josh Mallard, Paul Carrington, Anderson, Biermann, Edwards].

Poor John

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Maybe Nolan can assist TD with defensive draft choices, hey, he's been there (combines) as a head coach.

This will be very interesting because both of their ideal player personnel on defense seem sort of the opposite from each other.

TD love smaller DTs and corners. Nolan loves big body space eaters at DT/NT and big physical corners.

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I was really hoping Sidbury would be able to step up this season, but that apparently isn't going to happen.

You would figure that by season 4 a guy would get 'it'.

I dont understand why we dont crap or get off the pot with Sid. He doesnt really play special teams, but is active most weeks, and then gets in an amount of snaps you can count on one hand.

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Yeah, we really need to step our drafting when it comes to both lines. The late rounders we get look promising, but never get any playing time.


I hate it when people say TD doesn't know how to draft or use picks on early DEs. Jerry's injury was freakish obviously. Other than that, he's never had the opportunity to take one early. Sid and Mass don't get any playing time so we don't know what they are capable of.

People need to actually look at needs and picks for each year. TD addressed them as best as he could.

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