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Nfcs Chat - Pat Y (Week 7)


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Bye week for us, so not a lot of Bird Talk going on.. but here's the chat transcript as it pertains to the Falcons


sam (MA)

hi pat. should i be concerned as a matt ryan and roddy white fantasy owner about them laying off the gas later in the year? my fantasy playoffs are weeks 14-16. assuming the falcons lock things up in the nfc early... how do you see their passing attack performing later in the season? thanks.

Pat Yasinskas (12:50 PM)

Think that could be a very real concern for you. If they keep winning -- and I think there's a good chance of that -- you probably will see them rest their starters late in the season. Might want to start picking some people up to prepare for that.


Rio S. (Montevallo, Alabama)

Hey, Pat. Love the blog. I'm a die-hard Falcons fan. We have not played our best the last couple of weeks. We may not even be the best team in the league, but I think it's saying something that we are 6-0. Last year, some of the miscues we had would have been disastrous for us to pull out the win. I think it's telling that a team who still has yet to play it's best football is undefeated and that every week the team opposite of you is giving you their best shot. I look at this as growth. What about you?

Pat Yasinskas (12:52 PM)

Definitely. There's room for growth and I think it will all start to come together. They've shown good things, at times, in just about every area. I'd rather see it all click in November and December than in September and October.


rlr680 (Atlanta)

It's probably way too early to start prognosticating this but what positions will the Falcons address early in the next draft? If things continue on we will likely have a late first round pick (hopefully #32). Which position will be addressed? Especially since our LT position amazingly became a strength through 6 games.

Pat Yasinskas (12:53 PM)

RB and TE would seem like possibilities. Also, I think CB could be possible, if they don't re-sign Grimes.


Its My Birthday for real (San Jose, CA)

Pat. You started early on my Birthday. Thank you! As a Falcon fan, should I be concerned with their play? With Michael Turner being a distraction? I am encouraged with the 6-0 start, but we need to change a lot of things!

Pat Yasinskas (12:58 PM)

Happy B-Day. Yes, there's room for improvement. But I think it will come. It's a lot easier to improve when you're 6-0 and making small tweaks than when you're 1-5 and in full panic mode.


rlr680 (Atlanta)

Does Mike Smith get your vote for Coach of the year thus far?

Pat Yasinskas (1:06 PM)

Right now, probably so.


Dwight (Atlanta)

Pat. do you think the Falcons might shuffle their Oline at the bye like they did last year? Think we might see Konz at RG or C?

Pat Yasinskas (1:10 PM)

Possible. But Smith is old school and superstitious. He might be hesitant to make big changes while they're winning. But my personal opinion would be to go ahead and get Konz into the lineup.


Joshua (San Antonio)

Any word on Matt Ryan getting a contract extension..this would be a great week to get it done.

Pat Yasinskas (1:12 PM)

All quiet. I think it's more likely it would come after the season. Unless they can agree quickly, I don't think Matt (or the Falcons) would want it to be an in-season distraction.


Sharell (Raleigh, NC Falcon Fan)

Hi PY, what is the problem wit ATL's running game. Turner, the OL, the new OL coach or the play calling. I am somewhat of a believer in Turner still, I think he gets better as the game and season goes on.

Pat Yasinskas (1:17 PM)

Partly the O-line. But sad to say, I think the major reason is Turner. Seems very slow to me and the next question will be along these same lines.


Matt Riddle (Atlanta Ga)

Do you think we've seen the extent of Koetter's plans for Jacquizz?

Pat Yasinskas (1:18 PM)

Following up on Turner, I think you'll continue to see more of Jacquizz as the season goes on.


Lee (ATL)

Pat the Falcons have 7 games remaining that kickoff at 1.00pm ET. Are the NFL flex scheduling changes going to occur this season and might the Falcons get some games flexed to Sunday nights?

Pat Yasinskas (1:23 PM)

Would think that's a good possibility.


Brad (Atlanta)

Following up on the questions on Turner and Rodgers. Given what you have seen from him and his surprising ability to run between the tackles. Do you think Rodgers could ever be the feature back for ATL? I would worry about durability due to his size.

Pat Yasinskas (1:33 PM)

I'd have the same concerns. My guess is they'll bring in another RB to pair with him next year.


Brad (Atlanta)

Pat, where would you put Arthur Blank in terms of owners around the league?

Pat Yasinskas (1:43 PM)

Near the top. I think he's a man that's learned from past mistakes. Also think he does a good job balancing being hands-on, while also letting his football guys do their jobs.


Pat Yasinskas (1:48 PM)

Gotta run, folks. Breaking news: Roger Goodell reportedly has recused himself from the Vilma situation.


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I don't like him saying the OL will not be played with due to Mike Smith being superstitious. If that's the case then no changes will be made until we lose which is just plain dumb.

Smith is with his OL like Bobby Cox was with his starting pitchers in the play-offs. Don't take anybody out of the line-up until they're either dead or the game has already been lost.

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