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Before There Was Tebow.....

Captain Falcon

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, there was Tony Rice from Notre Dame...who was actually better than Tebow but didn't sniff the NFL, did he?

A lot of guys like Tony Rice could play, but never got an opportunity back then. Just look at Warren Moon. They would get a chance today. Tebow is just a hype machine, how he won games last year is a mystery to me. Doing a helluva job as punt protector this year.

He is a competitor, and gives it all, but isn't an NFL QB in my opinion.

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All those guys you guys are naming are not Tebowesque. They were actually good quarterbacks. Not trying to diss Tebow (one of my favorite non-Falcons). Just saying the Falcons used Dantzler like the Jets are using Tebow bringing him in to just run it as a quarterback.

exactly...someone mentioned 'Biscuit' from Virginia...he was utilized similarly in the NFL with the Chiefs and St Louis

anyone remember Eric Couch? what an oddball, retiring from the NFL after getting drafted by St Lou because they wanted to move him to WR...then trying to claw his way back into the NFL years later to no avail

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