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Future Player Acquisitions

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The last few years has seen the Falcons focusing on building a dominant and consistent offense through the draft and trades as well as free agency. My question is, now that we have a fairly explosive offense that can put up points when needed, where does the focus for the FO switch to?

Personally, I'd like to see both lines addressed in the next couple of seasons. Ryan is really covering for how poor the offensive line is with his quick decisions and even quicker ball release. I'll admit they are pass blocking better, but not much. You can see it in the last few games that the offense has struggled, Ryan has struggled, and this is due to defenses going back to their old strategy of making Ryan beat them. They are pressuring him a lot more throughout the game then in the first three games where those defenses got spread too thin worrying about all the play makers on offense and gave him the time to slice them up. Once defenses started rattling Ryan, mistakes began to happen and the entire offense was hampered a bit. Defenses know that Ryan is a rhythm QB and is not very good at creating a play on the fly when things break down around him, he is too "by the books" and frankly doesn't have the ability to do that successfully on a consistent basis. There is also the matter of our run game suddenly disappearing, and I don't care what the stats say or what the opinions are, it's not because of Turner as JQ and Snelling haven't been able to do much either.

On the other side of the ball, well, John Abraham shows us what is lacking at the same time showing us what we need. He's having a great season thus far and it shows in the entire defense. While the defensive line could use some much needed attention I'm of the mind that the offensive line needs to be addressed first. Much credit needs to be given to Nolan as he has created a defense that plays to the strength of the guys we have. In all honesty, outside of Abraham, Spoon is our only other "legit" defensive player. The secondary is suspect, but playing above their heads due to Nolan's game planning and overall opportunistic approach to playing defense. Citing the Taints superbowl defense, they excelled in take aways and it took them to the big game, however that is not a solid approach to creating a year in and year out consistent defense as we all saw the following season for the Taints. We are going to have to address the MLB position and really assess the secondary as a whole at some point. I just feel that the lines need to be fixed first.

Priority list:

1. Offensive line

2. Defensive line

3. MLB

4. Defensive secondary

5. Shore up any loose ends against the run

6. RB (starter, backup, and FB)

So what say you? Where do you think this team should put it's focus in player acquisition?

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1. Tight End ~ Matt deserves and needs another great target to keep it going and a successor to the greatest Tight End in the history of the game (who btw, says this is his last year)!

2. Defensive End ~ Same reasoning for Abe's successor.

3. Resign our own Free Agents ~ we have a lot of them next year and you do not want to let Matt Ryan play into the final year of his contract.

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DE CB on defense I'm guessing they will let Grimes walk this off season though I hate the idea now as I'd love to see Grimes Assante and Dunta together for a season I think those 3 could be deadly trio.Once and for all we gotta hit on a DE wheather it be through FA or the draft I think this has to be up there on the priority list.

Offense I'd be looking at a RT I have'nt liked the look of Clabo the last season and a half and yes i can't believe I'm saying this and it is early but I Baker gets resigned yes you saw that printed resign Baker is a must on the off season list it keeps the Left Side of the line intact..

Konz or Hawley have to step up as C aswell before the end of this season.

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One thingI noticed is there a certain positions that are generally drafted, not traded for or available in UA.

QB, OT, DE are those spots. If some are available in UFA they are usually unproven and worth more to the market than the current team, or not the player they once were. Even i a star beomes available, he is hardly ever worth the price (Mario Williams for example).

The kind of holes I could see us trying to fill in UFA are TE, LB, DT, maybe even a younger CB. Certain positions give more bang for the buck than others, and that is the best place to spend UFA money.

I just wish we would have been able to land Soloai to see what Nolan could do with a bit more flexability personel wise.

Jermicheal Finley is one I could see TD covetting on UFA. A DT is another. Jerry will not be worth the cap hit, Walker will be FA, Babs is in the last year, and we dont know what we have ibn TRob.

Due to wear and tear put on RBs, I doubt we go for one in UFA. I could see a drafted RB to pair with Quizz though.

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