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With the Eagles firing their DC, which was an obvious desperation move by Reid and his job on the Line....

Here sits Vick borderline of being benched and having an absolutely Putrid season...

This Falcons D has a chance to essentially end Vick's career. If we force several turnovers out of him, he could lose that starting job. No way they keep him on the roster with his salary to be the back up and the body of work he's shown this year will pretty much end his chances of another starting job elsewhere.

Rise up defense, and pay lil old Ookie back for screwing this franchise!!!

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Without Vick being an idiot the Falcons wouldn't have 4 going on 5 winning seasons in a row... I think we as fans ended up with the better deal despite 2007.

True, but that fact wouldn't make the Falcons being the team to knock him out of his starting job and maybe ending his career any less sweet. Eff that moron for now and forever. Anybody classless enough and heartless enough to hurt dumb animals I would personally kick the crap out of if the opportunity ever presented itself. Nothing but a low-life, scumbag piece of shlt.

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