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Wow Just Wow.. Falcons D

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Yeah. It's a passing league, and this pass-oriented defense has been an intergral part of us going 6-0.. We definitely have some issues in run defense, but this type of defense is overall a better fit with our offensive philosophy than the old schemes were..

Remeber that some of the best teams last year had defenses that gave up a ton of yards, but got turnovers.. Yards don't mean as much as they once did - it's all about getting of the field on 3rd downs and getting turnovers. We have been better in both categories this year.

I also think we will be better against the run after our bye.

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Obviously turnovers are a key to the Falcons success.

In the first three games, the Falcons were plus 10, and got two very comfortable wins and a fairly comfortable win.

In the next three games, the Falcons were even in turnovers in each game, and had to score in the 4th quarter to win those games.

I hope they keep it up, because it's key.

You're right..

I think it would help a lot if the offense off to a hot start as well. We haven't been able to do that these last 3 games, but if we do, our defense is in much better position to get those turnovers.

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Baffles me why no one understands that we are selling out the run to stop the pass for crying out loud ......yea, we giving alot of yards on the ground, but the flip side is shutting down teams passing attacks, and generating picks and turnovers .........you just cant have EVERYTHING ALWAYS, some of you just dont get it .........

Finely someone gets it! .........All these gurus are blaming Dent vs. Lofton or this or that..... The Defense is great, don't fix it. Nolan has gone with two LBs and 3CBs for most of the plays, and it has been working. Are we going to be near last in the run, Yes but we are 6-0......Do I wish Dent could handle MLB better, Yes and I am concerned about him, but the position is not one of the more important ones in our Defense.

If teams start to run on us predominatly, I believe you will see the Defense transform into a run stopping Defense.

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