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Falcons Are Going To Have A Great Bye Week


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Look at all the NFC teams playing each other, starting with Bucs and Saints- either every other team in the division has 4 losses or the Bucs have 3 and the Saints have 5, it's win-win for the Falcons.

Panthers are playing the Cowboys- Panthers just lost their center for the year [wonder if that cancels out his super bowl prediction?]- if the Panthers lose, they have 5 losses, if they win, a cowboys loss helps the Falcons as well.

It's entirely possible that the division looks like this after this week:

Falcons 6-0

Bucs 2-4

Saints 2-4

Panthers 1-5

This wouldn't be bad either

Falcons 6-0

Bucs 3-3

Panthers 2-4

Saints 1-5

Then, all the other NFC teams are playing each other

Sea /SF Ari/Minn Was/NYG GB/STL Det/ Chi- Falcons benefit no matter who wins.

Best case scenario is that the Bears lose and the Falcons have a 2 game lead for the best record in the NFC.

Know it's still early in the season, but the Falcons are going to have a great bye week.

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I agree 100%. But I have no fear of missing the playoffs. In fact, I think we're a lock to in the NFC South. I'm only concerned with January.

Wasn't the playoffs I was looking at, just don't see any of the other teams in the division making a run- barring catastrophic injuries, Falcons take the division easily. Was looking at best record and home field thoughout the playoffs.

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