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Cardinals Game Might Have Different Dynamic


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TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- John Skelton won a long, tight competition to become starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, only to go down with a sprained ankle in the final minutes of the season opener.

Five games and another quarterback injury later, Skelton is starting again.

Kevin Kolb, who replaced Skelton in the opener and helped the Cardinals get off to a 4-0 start, is out indefinitely with rib and chest injuries sustained Sunday when Arizona was beaten at home by Buffalo 19-16 in overtime.

Is this a good thing for us? Will this make a difference?

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Guest Negatorris

I doubt it makes a difference. The Cardinals have a horrible OL first of all, and the separation of talent is thin between Kolb and Skelton.

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With the way their Oline is playing, they'll be starting Lindley by the time they play us.

We shouldnt have much trouble getting to Skelton the O line is horrible and its much worse in person(season tickets) just gotta worry about us taking down 6'6 240 which has helped him in the past.

The AZ D is everything you have heard about, not too good not too bad just enough to give you a head ache.

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Skelton won the Cards QB job out of spring training. Since everyone here seems to like the 4th quarter comeback wins stat, I believe Skelton has 6 in 17 starts. He's no big drop-off from Kolb.

He's only started 15 games, not 17. Nice stat on the 4Q comebacks. His average score over the 15 games is 18 points per game. Oddly, that number is skewed, because of a game against Denver, in which he threw no touchdowns, but they scored 43 points. Jay Feely kicked 5 field goals - several over 50 yards - and ran one in for a touchdown as well. They also had a defensive touchdown by Darnell Dockett of all people - off of a fumble recovery. In that game, there were 3 big rushing touchdowns. He threw for 146 yards, had a 40% completion rate and no touchdowns.

If you remove that 43 points - just for the fluke that it was - you get an average of 17 points per game. I don't think that's going to cut it against our offense, but I could be wrong.

They will be traveling to the Georgia Dome as well.

If anyone thinks the Falcons aren't noticing that they could be competition in the post season - and remembering the last time, they're delusional. Those guys are not about to have to travel over to that stadium in the post season. They are going to take care of them in our Dome.

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