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Anyone Else Notice This


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We appear to be holding back from week to week, when the season started we had short quick routes, that led to deep successful routes later in games, we were running no huddle or atleast a muddle huddle offense. Our defense was the destructive and confusing move around defense we've seen from the likes of Houston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore. It

I'm not saying the coaches aren't putting us in position to win but it's felt like lately we have gone into the games thinking we should win without trying to hard and then get into a battle and it's too late to adjust properly. Maybe we come out next week against The Eagles going no huddle and having our defense confuse Vick (not that anybody thinks this is hard).

Just wanted to see what my fellow Falcoholics think about this?

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My dad and I started talking about this late last night ,and have come to the conclusion that the falcons have bye week fever.

Most if not all teams get it before a bye week. You just start feeling the brake coming and you want to put easy plays in to win games.

Also look at who we have played.

KC, DEN, CAR, SD, WASH, OAK. Our easy part of the schedule is over. Next is NO 2x, TB 2x, CAR, DAL, PHI, NYG, ARI, DET.

Saving the best for the best?

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Is six games enough to determine who sucks and should be blown out of the water (something that doesn't happen all that often anymore anyway)? Just win the games, that's all I'm concerned with.

Love this.

I always say 8 games will tell you who is in and who is out of the race.

10- 12 will pick your playoff teams most of the time.

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