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We Need A Blow Out Game.


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7/13 Games last week were decided in the final seconds last week. What I want to see is improvements and preparation for Playoffs. If they make some mistakes its ok, as long as the Offense and Defense figure out what is working. There is lot of work to be done with the new coordinators, I am ok if Falcons lose couple of games trying to get better or try new things. Falcons should keep playing aggressive even if it means few losses and tweak it by the post season.

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A 49 - 10 win would do it for me. I know we've played some teams that could win on any given Sunday but it wouild be really nice for a blowout victory, so we can just sit back and enjoy the rest of the game without worry.

Would you like a Pina Colada or Margarita with that "picture perfect" win ??

Look, the NFL is a real weekly battleground, not some video game or Fantasy League dreamland.

Every week is a war. War isn't pretty, it's not like in the movies, trust me.

I don't care if the Falcons win 3-2................as time runs out.

A win is a win.

6-0. It wasn't easy. Neither will 7-0 be.

Relax and enjoy our great season.

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49-10 might be a bit unrealistic against the Eagles on the road, but I agree with your premise.

We really do need a statement game and on the road against an Eagles team in shambles, but who 8 out of 10 ESPN analysts suck from Reid's teet nonetheless, would be beautiful.

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