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Thinking About Going To Game

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I've never been to a football game before and wanna see the Falcons play at home this year. I'm thinking I wanna go to the Saints game in late November. But I'm looking to buy two tickets and don't have a ton of money. I'm probably looking to buy $50 to $70 tickets. So my question is: is it worth going to see the game if you can't afford great tickets?

I don't want a seat too close to an end zone because it just doesn't look like a great place to see the game from. A seat closer to the 45 to 50 yard line seems ideal, but those tickets go pretty high even in sections 347 to 348 in the stadium's highest seats. After browsing some ticket prices and seat views, I found reasonably priced tickets in section 301 (or 327 on the visitor's side). The seats aren't right in the middle, but at the same time you're not watching your team run away from you at an end zone and it looks like a decent place to watch the game and see what's going on.

I know plenty of people here have been to the Georgia dome and know way more about it than me, so I was wondering if it's still easy to enjoy the game and see what's going on even if you're watching from the farther-up seats (say around section 301). Atlanta is a good two and a half to three hour drive from Augusta, so if I'm gonna be paying for food, gas, and tickets to see the game then I wanna have a good time. It'd be a shame to spend all that money only to find that you would have a much better time just watching on your couch at home. So, any opinions?

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