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I Hate The Media


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It crazy how a group of writers/journalist can go out & build up a team(s) & or player & then tear them down with the same hype that they perpetuated.

All I ever read is how the Falcons arnt as good as thier record or that how we are overrated. But who on this team has ever came out & said that they are the best in the NFL? Nobody. But they are tearing them down for a perfect having a perfect record, but if the team had lost those close games then they would have been the team who cant get it done when it counts.

Basically, dont believe the hype.

Its created by the media & then the players/team are tore down by something they fell into believing.

End of rant

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This is my take on this whole negative media subject. As a life long Falcon fan this is what i think happens. The Falcons play good ball, enough to get recognition. Then when everyone jumps on the wagon they completely lose it.

It has happened so much in the past it's a hard thing to forget. So rather than looking like a fool and giving the Falcons credit they choose to ignore their record for fear of looking like a fool later in the season.

Now if the Falcons had come out this season and played lights out all 6 games like they did in the first couple of games then the media would be on the wagon right now.

As a life long fan of this team it's hard for me to fight back that old feeling so for someone that makes a living talking about football I could imagine looking like a fool isn't a good thing to have on your resume.

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