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Pleeease Get Vance Walker Some More Snaps

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The guy split a double team yesterday and was in Palmer's face before he could even get a 3 step drop off. He was ranked by PFF last week as the #11 defensive tackle in the league. We've been looking for push up the middle from our DLine for YEARS. Jerry is ok, but he ain't Warren Sapp. Babs now looks back to form. Even after Peters returns it will take him awhile to be 100%. Babs and Vance Walker need to start.

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I've been clamoring for weeks...we need to try TR in the run game, he has been active most weeks but doesnt see the field for some god awful reason...Jerry has become a ghost, per his usual...Walker is certainly the 2nd best DT we have playing right now...and man o man I HOPE PETERS CAN COME BACK.

What a lift to our defensive line if Peters can come back at 90%. It would help literally our whole defense play better.

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Peria Jerry: 6 tackles (4 solo) Vance Walker 11 tackles (8 solo), 2 sacks and 1 FF in half the snaps... Time for Peria to kick rocks...

Oh, and Vance is 25 with 4 years of experience, Peria is 28 with 3 years of experience... Vance should start our next game until Peters is ready.

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