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It Feels Really Good To Make The Saints Fans Miserable!


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Man i really enjoy and i mean ENJOY reading the Saints forum.

They are so pathetic, literally half of the threads on their super forum have to do with the Falcons.

What makes it even more awesome is how mad they are that we are winning. Its like they always get their hopes up that we will lose and then we crush it by winning it.

Also i dont know how they can be so naive... 95% of their members still think that they will be in the playoffs. I can understand loving your team and all but atleast as falcons fans if we were 1-4 the last thing we would be talking about is the playoffs.

Lastly as much as we hate the Aints we actually give them credit when they are winning. All of their fans say we suck and we are winning because of "Luck".

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