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December 10, 2007: The Falcons Did Something That They Have Not Done Since . . .


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I am going to go with "lost at home to a team that finished the season with a losing record".

Well, lost to a team without a winning record at that point of the season, not sure of final record . . .

That is an extraordinary record of consistency. Whatever game management mistakes the staff might have made today, the coaches do an amazing job of assuring that these guys are PREPARED to take care of business each and every week.

Good God! Look at the Cardinals!!! They won in New England a few weeks ago the. Lost to the freakin' BILLS at home today.

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Guest Negatorris

As well as Atlanta plays at home, the Saints have won in Atlanta 5 times in the last 6 seasons. That sh*t has got to end this year.

I still remember that goal line fumble by Turner the game in 2010, and the stupid Smitty call in 2011.
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It boggles my mind that folks, SOME folks are bent out of shape about problems with the Falcons. It's the NFL . . . EVERY team has problems. EVERY team has good days and bad days. USUALLY, when a team having a good day plays a team having a bad day, the former wins, even if they are less talented.

We need to recognize that this is a team with plenty of talent and excellent schemes. But where they truly excel, beyond any other NFL, is in not crapping the bed.

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