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Can Turner Start On 5 Teams?


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Jets - Greene played good today but his season has stats (YPC, fumbles) have been much worse than Turners

Steelers - Mendenhall was back but already looks hurt again

Cowboys - Murray does not impress me

Lions - LeShoure and Smith are not racking up big yards

Bengals - Green-Ellis is only averaging 3 yards a carry and has 3 fumbles

Bucs - They would not have drafted Martin if they had Turner

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You do realize it's not all on Turner. Is he as good as he was when we signed him?No, but at the same time watch the game. The OL is not opening up the holes or blowing many people off the ball.

I agree - Turner is doing far better than Rodgers or Snelling behind the same OL but gets no credit when he has good runs.

Today, the Falcons started off well-balanced and Turner got a good start with 4 or 5 good gains but by the 2nd quarter we seemed to have abandoned the run game entirely

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Other than us?

New England





Green Bay




No...no. Trust me, Denver would LOVE to have a workhorse like Turner rather than McGahee. If they had Turner last week they might've beaten New England, but McGahee fumbled the game away. TWICE. Stevan Ridley is decent, but a product of New England's system...if they had Turner their running game would be DOMINANT, not just window dressing. And Dallas...meh. They just don't seem all that good. I could be wrong, though. Everybody is running against Baltimore this season, so that is a bad example.

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I don't think the question is can he start for other teams, it is will teams be willing to take on his contract and/or use picks to trade for him. If he was a FA he would get picked up pretty quick but I don't think he would fill that feature back roll like in years past. He would be good in NE or GB, or even Nawlins because they don't rely heavily on the run game and he would be a great change of pace for 10-15 carries a game (similar to the way we are using him now)

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