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What I Would Change After The Time Off


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I know some adore this guy and he has been a player for us for many yrs but dude has been our second worst olineman behind claybo, I think its time to see what konzs will do and maybe lamar homes active and have a snap or two at rt

get rid of dent either use hope, peterson, who didnt look great today bu better than dent, use kroy, and use hope or pick up somebody.

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Konz at center and Holmes at right tackle are things they should look at. As for Dent

I don't like what I see. I would rather see Kroy Biermann put in there to see what he could

do. We have Sidbury, Mathews, Massaquoi and Edwards to play end. Bear Woods woulld

make more plays than Dent is making. I am not calling for him to come back just saying

what I believe to be correct. Bear Woods never struck me as an NFL player but when he was

in the pre-season games he made plays. Dent is not making plays. Jerry is working hard against

double teams but he is not making many plays. Walker makes dramatic plays when he is in and

yet when they run through his area they make huge chunks of yardage.

I would bring in Norwood for a physical and a work out. If he checks out, sign him and

give him a shot. We need speed and Antone Smith is ham strung, Quizz is not getting

much yardage and Snelling seems to have lost weight and is not himself. It could all be

bad blocking making them look bad but I think help is needed.

If we don't do any of that we are still 6-0 and that may indicate we don't have a need

for these types of moves until the off-season. Smitty and TD will not hesitate to make

moves if they think they need to.

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