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I Almost Hate To Say It, But I Wish The Eagles Would Have Won.


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Coming off some sloppy play for a few weeks, the losing and getting a bye week (which Reid as i recall almost never loses after a bye).

Then we get them at their house (more like out house). To top it off its a TV game so the world will be watching.

The road to the falcons first 7-0 is stacked against us bad. But this will be the game like last season that defines us. The Eagles beat us up last season and we still took home the W. But that was the turning point that the team needed to see just how bad they where playing....

Did i mention Baker got raped in the game.

Dunta`s return game though...hopefully picksix 22 can grab a few revenge picks from his former team.

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Guest Negatorris

I never want the Eagles to win unless they are playing the Saints, Bucs, or Panthers. And I believe we will kick them in the mouth in two weeks.

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Still not understanding what Eagles losing would do to help the Falcons.

Long as the Falcons have a 0 in the loss column, they aint sneaking up on nobody.

Even though they are off next week, that gives another 2 weeks being the only undefeated team.

So, the pundits start to ponder... are they for real?

How do you beat them?

Teams pay a little more attention in the film room to be the team to knock off the undefeated.

The games start to get ever so much more tighter.

The margin for error is squeezed.

So, what does Philadelphia losing or winning yesterday have to do with 2 weeks from now.

Philadelphia will be ready to knock off the undefeated.

Its up to the Falcons to kick em in their teeth and come out with the W.

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