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Great Qbs Have Bad Days Some Times

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Ryan is having an uncharacteristically bad day. My guess is that he comes out white hot in the second half.

Even the best have bad games. Let's hope this is his one bad game that he gets out of his system.

As for the O Line...it is terrible. Raiders have one of the absolute worst pass rush units in the league this year according to metrics. Konz has to be better than some of these guys, right? Right?

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I'm actually not to bothered by this. I'd rather see Ryan trying to make plays instead of trying not to make mistakes, even if it means a howler of a game once in a while.

I actually agree. I think to some extent he's going to always have a tendency to force things and make stupid throws from time to time. The INT on the drag reminded me of the Tremon Williams thing. I mean the guy is RIGHT THERE, and he throws it right to them.

I don't get the complaints about the OL. They're mediocre but they've been just fine against the raiders. Despite the picks I'd like to see us continue to challenge the Raiders deep. We got a few big plays and they don't look like they can stop it, Ryan just forced a few things he shouldn't have...the deep ball was still working.

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