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I Cannot Believe My Eyes!


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Lol cant believe they are even talking about playoffs with a record of 1-4 and the one win they got they barely won.

All Saints fans should be answering the OP with...

I know even as falcons fans we have homers but i know most of us would be smart enough not to even talk about playoffs after almost going 0-5.

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Stopped reading after he had the Saints at 11-5.

But what else do you expect from those nimrods?

I read a little while longer and had my laugh of today. Their fans obviously need something positive to hold onto while their team continues to tread water in The NFC South cellar.
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why would Turner get suspended for the season? and Matt Ryan reverting to his old self? I guess they mean he would continue to win games haha.. **** ignorant saint's fans

Turner will get suspended for hit and run on the entire Oakland defense.

As for Ryan reverting, consider this:

Ryan's winning percentage = 71.6% (that's before today - a win will take him to 72.1%)

Brees winning percentage = 58.9%

Based on those percentages - with both Brees and Ryan reverting to their old ways - and 11 games each to complete:

Ryan: 11 x 71.6% = 8 more wins = 13-3 record

Brees: 11 x 58.9% = 6 more wins = 7-9 record

One can only hope they both revert.

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