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"money Backs" (Per, John Clayton)


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Forgive me if someone has already posted this. Time and time again, I hear analysts on TV say how the Panther's RB situation is good and that Carolina is not throwing money away paying three backs a little under $19 million a year. John Clayton made it clear, if Cam Newton is your leading rusher then something isn't right. I think someone in the Carolina front office needs their head checked...put these three RBs on most other teams and it would be madness for a defense. I'd love if we got Williams as a Falcon (for a little less money, of course).

"4. What about the money backs? The Oakland Raiders had a bye in Week 5 to figure out why they can't get a running game going despite the presence of Darren McFadden. McFadden looked dominant in training camp and preseason, but he hasn't been close to great in the Raiders' first four games (201 yards). The Raiders play an Atlanta Falcons team that could easily outscore Oakland and put the Raiders in position to play comeback through the air. Another baffling running team is the Carolina Panthers. DeAngelo Williams makes $8.6 million a season. Jonathan Stewart makes $7.3 million a year. Mike Tolbert makes $2.5 million a year. Their leading rusher is quarterback Cam Newton. Combined, the Panthers are getting 77.4 yards a game and 3.6 yards a carry out of three backs who have a combined $89.5 million of contracts. Good thing they are on a bye week."


In any case, GO FALCONS! biggrin.png

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