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Omg Nfl Am Mark Kriegel

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He just said that the Falcons are not as good as their record because they only played 1 team with a winning record and the only good team they beat was the Broncos and that was because P. Manning had a bad night. Then Steve Wyche said in that case your best team the Texans hadn't played any team with a winning record. Then they changed the subject. Even at 5-0 we don't get any respect.

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

No duh he had a bad night. He had to play the falcons.

And trust me none of those interceptions was him throwing yet right to our players.

Lastly, they had a goods team last year without Manning. So ummmm these announcers can go lick the toilet seat for all I care.

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The pivotal game for the Falcons bandwagon will be the Eagles game. If the Falcons beat the Eagles, the last hold outs will say "OK, the Falcons are for real."

If they lose, the popular sentiment will be "The Falcons beat a bunch of bad teams".

Gotta exorcise the MV demon to prove this team's credibility, Sad but true!

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Let's see here:

TEXANS are the BEST 5-0

1) BEAT Broncos (same did we) 2-3

2) JAX 1-4

3) JETS 2-3

4) Indy 2-2

5) Titans 2-4

Total W/L = 9-16


1) Broncos 2-3

2) KC 1-4

3) SD 3-2

4) Panthers 1-4

5) Redskins 2-3

Total W/L = 9-16

Media SF lovers

1) GB - 2-3

2) DET 1-3

3) NYJ 2-3

4) BUF 2-3

5) MIN LOSS 4-1 ( They lost here)

Total W/L = 7-12

Seems like that's how NFL goes this year

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