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How Cool Would It Be To Win A Superbowl In Superdome (Saints House)


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Lol that feeling/reminder the saint's fans would have everytime they got theri home game that the Falcons won a superbowl there.

I know its early but man it WOULD be nice.

One guy on their forum said he would rather see the superdome in smoke then see us win a SB there. LOLOLOL

I'm not too sure that some of the nutcases down there wouldn't set the dome on fire just so it couldn't be played there if the Falcons were to win the NFCCG.
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I think security would be an issue.

Koach Karst says.

Falcons remain in Atlanta and fly into Nawlins Sunday 1:00 Pm.

Straight from the Airport to the Dome.

Team is also to be restricted to Flowery Branch for 2 weeks prior.

There will be no repeats of 98.


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I don't know, that atmosphere would be extremely hostile. It'd basically be an away game no matter the opponent.

Would be sweet tho.

Why? I don't think a lot of Saints fans would be going to a Falcons superbowl, and more rich people and celebrities attend the superbowl than your typical football fans anyway. There would probably be more Falcons fans than Saints fans anyway. A Falcons fan that can afford SB tickets can also afford a plane ticket to New Orleans. I really don't see the crowd being a huge enemy in that situation.

Anyway, winning the superbowl in the Superdome would just be perfect.

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