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Why We Need To Fix Our Run D This Week And Not Wait For The Bye

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Patriots were dead last in pass defense last year = they were in superbowl.

we are average in run defense & excellent in pass (nickel) defense.

I really like what we have now....players need to complete their assignments & not blow coverage.

If everyone does their job Mike Nolan defense can be top 3 by end of the year.

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Darren McFadden. I was at the game today and we left some big holes for Morris to run through. I'm afraid those same mistakes would turn into TD's with McFadden. We Can't wait until the bye to fix this, its our biggest weakness right now.

it's easy to stop one dimentional team....I'm not worried about Oakland TRUST ME! They will self destruct themselves after MAtty Ice drops few bombs on them.

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