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One Game At A Time... We're Not There Yet


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I'm happy as a fly on shlt that we're off to a hot start. With that being said, the only thing we've accomplished so far is we avoided a 4-12 record for this season. I'm hoping that the team reflects on this win, enjoys it, and then starts prep for the Raiders game with the mentality that it's the most important game of the season. I posted in the pre-season my hope that we'd take this season, game-by-game, quarter-by-quarter, drive-by-drive and so far, that is exactly what we're doing. Rise up! As happy as I am with 5-0, I'm a greedy bast@rd and I want to see 6-0 before the bye week.

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We will coz they have 2 weeks to prep

They aren't great but any given sunday

We're on our holidays after that match too so you can bet they will be up for it in a big big way

I am just wary it is Dominique Franks birthday and they are all going out on the p1ss - whose gonna get arrested tonight/tomorrow!?

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