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The "mattural" ?

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Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons can win in any style

The Atlanta Falcons have won blowouts on the road and at home. They have won close games at home and on the road.

More than anything, the Falcons just keeping winning. Their 24-17 victory in Washington was another sign this Atlanta team can win any style of game on any surface.

From NFLShop.com:

The Falcons are a dome team that's now 3-0 outside on grass this year. They are in position to run away with the NFC South.

Sure, the Redskins aren't exactly a great squad. They haven't won a home game in more than a year. And Atlanta's passing game wasn't in sync for much of the day as receivers dropped passes and quarterback Matt Ryan missed a few chances to make a big play. When the Falcons absolutely needed drives late in the game, though, "The Mattural" delivered.

The Falcons scored 17 points in the final quarter to put this contest away. Robert Griffin III's injury didn't hurt Atlanta's chances, but the Falcons were setting themselves up well all game by dominating time of possession. The Redskins' defense finally gave way, and the Falcons' defense finished things off by intercepting Griffin's replacement, Kirk Cousins.

Julio Jones dominated Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson late in the game. Ageless tight end Tony Gonzalez caught 13 passes to keep the chains moving.

This wasn't a flawless effort, but the Falcons controlled a game on the road. They deserved to win. They deserve to be 5-0 and early favorites for a bye in the NFC playoffs.

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Oh, would this be Matt's 18th 4th Quarter game winning drive?

I think he should be called "clutch" It sounds like a gritty race car driver, something good from the south, and describes Matt as a guy that gets it done when it matters. It would even be perfect for Vick75 when Matt had a bad game he could claim "the clutch" was slipping. So it has something for everyone.

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Came from Rich's podcast with Ryan. He said he was dubbing him the "Mattural" playing off of The Natural. Ryan laughed at him and said if he could pull that off - he'd be impressed.

Rich is on a mission.

Rich Eisen " If you people keep saying Matty Ice , I will take it personally "

Straight from ESPN pregame show.

I was cracking up.

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The Mattural is such a lame nickname. Seriously. Just kill it.

Matty Ice. Leave it at that. It's what he's been called since he was at BC, and quite frankly, he hasn't had a chance to really live up to that name since he has yet to win in the playoffs. But Matty Ice is a cooler nickname (no pun intended). It fits his personality and the way he plays the game perfectly. Give "The Mattural" to Matt Cassel or something.

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I've heard fans of other teams call Ryan by his nickname Matty Ice. I mean come on, if it was so horrible, I don't think it would have caught on that much.

Its caught on because its been around since he was in Middle School. The name has carried on. I like it to , Im just saying the hate for the new one is because its new. Im probably wrong. I dont care.

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