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Taking away credit from the falcons...like always and pointing out an injury to the opposing QB

But again, what does that do to the team? Are they going to lose home field if they have the best record? No. People can talk all they want, but all wins count the same in the NFL so it does not matter how they won or what people said about the win. In the end no one care how the Falcons won in week 5, only that they have a certain number of wins at the end of the season. I mean does anyone still talk about the KC win where they missed a couple starters? I haven't heard about it since week 1.

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RG3 in game

0 for 6 on 3rd conversions

0 points

Morris was our killer. . . and that was IT!

Not a knock against then, but miscues on offense killed us on that side of the ball. . ..

yea. . . .RG3 getting injured is immaterial. . . . . helll. . . .in fact, we probably wouldve fared better toward the end if he had stayed in

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