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We All Have At Least 1 Good Eye Right?

Falcon Man™

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#1) Brady

#2) Ryan


#4) Big Ben

#5) Flacco

#6) Eli Manning

#7) Matt Schaub

#8) Drew Brees

#9) Peyton Manning

#10 Andy Dalton

Why does Brady still get the love he gets for this season? He's been more on par with Eli this season so far IMHO. Rest of your list seems about right.

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So were judging by what level they are playing at? Hmmm...thats a tough one. I guess all QBs with no Oline and WRs that cant catch will be judged by them playing at that "level".

With that in mind, I guess mine would be.

1 Matt Ryan

2 Alex Smith

3 Matt Schaub

4 Tom Brady

5 Ben Roethlisberger

6 Christian Ponder

7 Eli Manning

8 Matthew Stafford

9 Andy Dalton

10 Drew Brees

It really is funny though. DeMarco Murray was tackled behind the line of scrimmage just 14 times last year. This year hes been tackled behind the line 11 times in 4 games. Interesting enough, its that line that Romo has to play behind and its been said that his "level" of play is down this year. **** like that just makes me laugh.

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Guest Negatorris

All he did was lead his team to the playoffs last year. happy.png

Cam Newton still has more highlight runs than him though!!!

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