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We Need to give turner one full game rest every 3 games and let snelling tote the rock. I want to see what snelling could do in this offense with an entire workload. I promise you it would look like this

23 carries for 145 yds and two tds

This is a stupid thread. Why would we bench Turner after the game he just had? Why does he need a rest when he is getting a lighter work load then he ever has as a falcon? Why snelling over Quizz? Where did you pull those numbers from? He isn't a premire back (neither is quizz).

Everything about this idea seems stupid to me. sorry, totally disagree.

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I hope they do give Snelling a full game. I'm no psychic but I'm willing to bet the next day the board will be filled with 'Snelling sucks' posts.

Snelling is one of my favorites on the team. Ive been screaming for him to get more action since preseason and he was hurt. If he could just keep playing like he did in NOLA it would be amazing.

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