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I Know It's Early But Looking At Offseason Moves

Tandy Gossett

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We have a few big FAs coming this offseason. Arizona is going to have to resign their entire Defense it appears.


Our FAs


Gonzo (May Retire)

McClure (Retire)




I also noticed that MJ Drew is going to be a FA and after holding out and having to deal w/ a MM lead Offense for one season I'm sure he will be looking to move on. I like Turner but w/ his arrest I'm sure Blank wasn't too happy with that since image is a big thing for Blank, and he does so much in the community. MJD is a great character and awesome ability ... I know it will cost a lot but we had a lot going to Turner. Clady is also going to be a FA and I see us upgrading our OL this year finally and that would be a huge upgrade.

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Turner- Gone unless wants to take a BIG pay cut

Gonzo- Gone - retired

McClure- Gone - retired

Grimes- Gone IMO

Walker- Resigned

Palmer- ?

MJD will be tagged again unless another contract is reached.

First prioity is sign Matt for a long term deal.

Pipe dream players: Jake Long, Chris Long.

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